When you require the assistance of an attorney it usually involves a serious matter. The word Serious is not just part of our slogan, but our philosophy. At the Domenech Law Firm, we take every one of our clients’ cases seriously, from the initial meeting through the final resolution of your case.

The seriousness with which we manage each and every case is evident in the way we operate. From the very first contact with the Domenech Law Firm, you will discuss your case with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. At this free initial consultation all the pertinent issues of your case are discussed and evaluated and you will be presented with a straight forward, no-nonsense opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of your case and offered a clear plan of action.

We know you will have serious questions; so you will always have direct lines of communication with your attorney, so that you can always speak to your attorney, not a paralegal, and can have any question answered and stay well-informed about your case. This client centric approach to legal representation assures that you understand every aspect of your case from the beginning and understand what to expect and when.

We know your case is serious and we can meet you at our office, the hospital, your work, your home or anywhere where it is convenient for you and your particular circumstances.


Please look around this website, there is a lot of useful information for you. Get in touch with us by dialing (407) 615-555 or completing a free online form today. We stand ready to serve you or answer any questions you may have at no cost.

Serious Accident Serious Results

Serious Accident Serious Attorneys

Suffering an injury through the fault of another is a serious situation. We are serious attorneys who will fight to obtain serious results for you.

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